Subscriptions and Services

Subscription Plan Pricing

Individual or FamilyYearlySemi-annualMonthly
Adult (27+)$1069.20$564.30$99
Young Adult (18-26)$529.20$279.30$49
Family (2 adults, 2 children)$2343.60$1,236.90$217
Additional child$205.20$108.30$19
Child (0-18)$330.60$165.30$29

*Additional $99 for new patients, $49 for spouse, and $19 per child. 

  • 5900 Health began as subscription-based medical practice that provides clients highly personalized health coaching at an affordable price
  • Our clients receive unrestricted access to their health coach whenever they need it using in person visits, telephone, messaging, texting, and video consults
  • We work with people, and insurance companies
  • No copays or deductibles collected for office visits under subscription plans
  • Our memberships provide access to discounted supplements and prescription medication programs, laboratory fees, and imaging centers
  • Our model is often more cost-effective than using traditional insurance and provides access to exceptional healthcare
  • No insurance required
  • Transparent approach to healthcare
  • Perfect for individuals and families with high deductible insurance plans, copays for exams, no health insurance, or those who want better access to healthcare and coaching
  • Affordable health plans
  • Health insurance may be used for medications, imaging, laboratory studies and specialist consultations
  • We take care of all your health coaching needs, plus some urgent care issues

Provider Access

ServiceSubscription PatientsCash Pay
(per visit)
Office visitsIncluded$159
Virtual (phone or video)Included$50
Well child visitsIncluded$79
Sports physicalsIncluded$49
Adult annual exams
with bloodwork
Pre-op phyisicalIncluded$185
Annual well woman exam (Pathology fee not included)Included$159
TNC exams for Uber and Lyft$59$89
DOT exams$69$99
Simple laceration (stitches)Included$99
Wart removalIncluded$20
Punch Biopsy (Lab fee not included)Included$30

Point of Care Testing

TestSubscription PlanCash pay
(per test)
Capillary blood glucoseIncluded$15
Urine pregnancyIncluded$15

Send Out Lab Testing (Minimum $25 for blood draw)

ServiceSubscription patientsCash Pay (per test)
Lipid panelIncluded$10
Hemoglobin A1CIncluded$10
Complete blood count (CBC)Included$5
Comprehensive metabolic profile (CMP)Included$5
Thyroid stimulating Hormone (TSH)Included$10
Prostate-specific antigenIncluded$10
Vitamin D levelIncluded$15
International normalized ratio (INR)Included$10
Blood cultureIncluded$10

Female Hormone Pellets (1 year)

ServiceSubscription PatientsCash Pay
(per visit)
Initial consultationIncluded$1591
Initial labs$177$1771
Pellet insertions$400
($1600 total)
($1600 total)
Follow-up visitsIncluded$49
($196 total)
Follow-up labs
(no thyroid)
($152 total)
($152 total)
Yearly total$1929$2284

Male Hormone Pellets (1 year)

ServiceSubscription PatientsCash Pay
(per visit)
Initial consultationIncluded$1591
Initial labs$205$2051
Pellet insertions$800
($1600 total)
($1600 total)
Follow-up visitsIncluded$49
($98 total)
Follow-up labs (no thyroid)$65
($130 total)
($130 total)
Yearly total$1935$2192